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INATEX 2023 R&D Product Exhibition

Industrial Art & Technology Exhibition (INATEX) is one of the University’s programs in Research and Development organized by UTM Research Management Center (RMC). INATEX is an R&D exhibition that showcases UTM inventions and innovations. INATEX also acts as a competition for products developed by UTM researchers. The purpose of INATEX is to promote research findings or products to the public by exhibiting creative inventions and innovative products from UTM researchers. INATEX is also a platform for UTM researchers to commercialize their research results at a higher level and to form a global network of intellectual partners together with industry. Therefore, researchers should always equip themselves with knowledge and skill and be familiar with the technology and new discoveries in the field of their expertise.

INATEX 2023 Exhibition is planned to be conducted from 25 and 26 October 2023.

History of INATEX Exhibition

Industrial Art & Technology Exhibition (INATEX) is an R&D exhibition & competition that showcases UTM latest inventions and innovations. INATEX was first introduced in 1998 and this year's exhibition will be the 25th edition. INATEX winners will have the opportunity to represent the UTM in various R&D exhibitions and competitions at National and International levels.